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Historical Urbanism Roundtable 

Can a deeper understanding of the history and heritage of place have a positive impact on urban design and placemaking? 

You are invited to take part in a closed roundtable session on 1st July 2021 (13.30-15.30) to discuss the outcomes and potential applications of the Historical Urbanism research project, recently carried out at Ulster University with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). 

Historical Urbanism advocates for a deep understanding of the history and memory of place as a central component of the urban design process. Using oral history and archival research as core methodologies, the research team focused on the history of urban regeneration in the city of Derry/Londonderry as a case study. Emphasis was placed on tracing the impact of rapidly changing urban environments on individuals, communities and neighbourhoods. We now wish to consider the most effective ways to positively integrate this historical knowledge with policy, planning and design processes in the contemporary and future city. 

While the research focuses on a specific case study, we intend for the discussion to concentrate on cities generally and to initially centre on the following topics: 

  • Social history positively informing urban design. How can this be achieved practically? 
  • Reflecting the historic character of ‘everyday’ people and places in regeneration processes 
  • Balancing competing definitions of ‘heritage’ 
  • Using historical research to identify and protect tangible and intangible heritage linked to people and places 
  • Potential to contextualise the history of urban Northern Ireland and other urban areas with a history of conflict by promoting further social history research 

Invitees are encouraged to submit further topics and sub-topics for discussion in advance of the roundtable.  

Please note this closed roundtable session follows a public symposium on the morning of 1st July 2021. Invitees are encouraged to also attend the public session if possible. Registration is through Eventbrite using the following link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/historical-urbanism-symposium-tickets-160550531963  

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